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Natural Remedies for the Chicken Pox

Are you the parent of a child who has just come down with the chicken pox? If you are, you may be looking for ways to provide your child with relief. As we all know, chicken pox is accompanied by the uncontrollable urge to itch. Unfortunately, that itching can result in permanent scaring and the risk of infection increases as well. The good news, however, is that there are a number of natural and home remedies that you can use to provide your child with relief.

Vitamin E oil is a great way to give a child with the chicken pox relief. Vitamin E oil should be applied to the skin. Application once or twice a day should provide enough relief. What is unique about this natural remedy is it not only helps to relieve itching, but it can also help with healing. Vitamin E oil, when applied directly to the skin, can help to heal many of the marks associated with chicken pox. This is also ideal to help prevent scaring.

Herbal tea is another remedy that is ideal for children with the chicken pox. Many natural herbal teas, provide drinkers with calmness. This is ideal for children with the chicken pox, as many end up feeling hopeless and restless. When using this approach though, be sure to limit your child’s consumption to one tea drink a day and at a slow consumption pace.

Honey can also be used on a child who is suffering from the chicken pox. When using this natural remedy, the honey should be applied to the skin. Although this can be messy, it will be able to provide your child with relief. In fact, the relief will appear almost instantly. Many also claim that honey helps to speed up the chicken pox and helps a child or even an adult with the chicken pox heal at a much quicker rate of speed.

Pea water, namely green pea water, is another natural way to relieve many of the discomforts associated with having the chicken pox. Green pea water can provide relief when the skin is and feels irritated. It can also help with that uncontrollable urge to itch. An easy way to use green pea water is to cook peas on the stove. Drain the peas, but save the water. Let the green pea water cool and then apply to the skin.

One of the best ways to relieve the need to itch that is commonly associated with the chicken pox is with oatmeal. Oatmeal can be applied to the skin; however, many parents find the best success when preparing an oatmeal bath for their children. When doing so, you can prepare a large quantity of oatmeal and then place it in a cloth bag, which should then be placed in the bath water. This approach is nice, as it tends to eliminate the mess associated with an old fashion oatmeal bath.

Although an oatmeal bath is recommended for those suffering from the chicken pox, there are also others who recommend no baths at all. This recommendation is made when traditional baths are given, as opposed to oatmeal baths. Online, you can find a number of stories from parents who bathed one child during the chicken pox, but not the other. Many were surprised that there was a slight difference in healing times. Although this has yet to be proven, it is still an important point that should be taken into consideration.

As highlighted above, there are a number of natural remedies and home remedies that are ideal at helping a child deal with the chicken pox. As ideal as these remedies are, it is still important that you discuss the chicken pox with your child. Explain to them that their bumps and markings will soon disappear from their body, but that it is important not to touch or itch them. Should they feel the need to do so, be sure that they know to come to you for assistance.

Natural Remedies for the Chicken Pox